London Trip by Eleanor

On the 20th October we took a trip down to London. On the visit a number of key trends were identified.

Elsa Schiaparelli – Autumn 1937

This fur collar coat is something that can be reflected in the current high street especially last year. However this is recurring trend that can be incorporated into many different styles so will most likely be seen again in future winter collections.

Above is a tapestry with a floral print which can be interpreted into modern and up to date fashion. For example this print is currently being used in the form of embroidery particularly on the new season Gucci which has proved to be rather  popular. By picking out the individual shapes from these ancient patterns it can be used to detail textile items.

1800 Fabric samples

These fabric samples are particular interesting especially sample E which shows a cotton and silk plush fabric from 1865. This fabric was used for mens waistcoats, jackets and cloaks. Recently this style of fabric has become very popular with the velvet look appearing on tops, jackets and coats. Obviously this type of fabric is very expensive but the velvet look has been recreated to make up modern day fashion garments.

By Eleanor Knibbs


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