Architecture by Abbie

Architecture around us is becoming more and more fascinating and thought provoking. Architects are almost competing with each other to create more unique buildings around the world.

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For example, these images demonstrate the fast paced industry of architecture and how buildings can have unique shapes and become a piece of art. I like these images because of how different they are to the traditional building shape. This could influence fashion trends in many different ways. I have selected these image in particular as they are slightly similar in terms of shape as they have a spiral, circular, twisting motion to them. This could influence the flow of a garment as it could have twisting bands down the arms, for example, of affect the flow of the garment as the designer may add spiral detail flowing down the garment.

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I also like these images because of there use of shape and pattern. On the first image, i like how the building is a slightly different shape on each layer to create a beautiful 3D pattern. This could be used to influence a future trend in the fashion industry as a jacket, for example, could have this 3D shape on a shoulder or flowing down as a 3D piece on a dress. Furthermore, these images could influence shape and pattern on a garment to create a geometric print.

I have chosen these images as they are all unique and different but exquisite in there own way. There are many patterns and shapes that can be identified in these images to create inspiration for my work.

By Abbie Summersgill.


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